The Future of the Delta is Now

Enriching the Delta with cutting–edge and emerging technologies to addresses public health, education, agriculture, and tourism.

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About cumulus tech

We’re passionate about helping people live healthier, more engaging and prosperous lives. Our digital experiences address public health, education, agriculture, and tourism. We’re a small, mission-driven company with an incredible team of design technologists and partners from an array of scientific disciplines.

our story

From the small idea to a growing company

Cumulus Tech was founded in 2017 by designers and educators Joe Ford and Cameron Buckley. They set out with a desire to build tools that could help Improve the lives of their friends and neighbors in the Mississippi River Delta. Since its creation, Cumulus Tech has developed apps that serve a diverse user base from rice farmers, educators, and struggling communities hoping to rebuild their economy through tourism.

our purpose

Driven by passion, rooted in human centered methods

Our goal is to develop partnerships, not clients. We seek to understand fully the needs and desires of the communities we serve so that we are able to provide effective solutions that real humans can and will use. So many factors influence healthy communities, and our team exists to provide you with the tools to navigate that path. Our partnership network of experts and researchers help us find novel ways to achieve your goals.

our products

We build tools to help communities thrive

Our apps and services empower a diverse user base to take action to improve their communities. We leverage the knowledge of our partners and emerging technologies like augmented reality, artificial intelligence, game design, and mobile app development to offer personalized digital tools.